Ready for battle! by Ghostbear

Ready for battle!


9 May 2017 at 16:31:59 MDT

Fully concentrated the ursine Pokemon trainer turned his basecap backwards, slid his ears beack into the holes and his purple streaks of hair out of the front.
His best Pokemon was already in the field, ready and eager for battle.
The purple Espeon he had selected was a powerful offensive fighter, strong with his psychic attack, but Sascha had another ace up his sleeve.
Taking another Pokeball from his black overalls with his Team Mystic logo and holding it ready, he prepared for battle.
This was his fight and with winning that he was another step closer to being an elite trainer.
"Now Sam...Espeon!" Sascha shouted "Attack with Confusion! Gooo!"

The long-tailed lynx plushie, dressed in a pretty cute Espeon kigu, seemed to look back at his wannabe trainer...wearing a sort of a "WTF, kid? o.o'' " expression on the fluffy face.
And maaaybe, just maybe, the oh-so-big Pokemon master was nothing more than a little boy, playing pretend with his favorite plushie friend ... looking adorable with his basecap turned backwards, his overalls with the snaps running down his legs and the cute little waistband peek.
That didn't change anything about Sascha's determination to win the fight, of course ... even if his involuntary Pokemon was a bit stubborn. ^.^''

What a great picture, drawn by the highly talented target-dog
I was really looking forward to this picture and I was very happy to snatch a slot.
Thank you very much! Hope I can commission you again in the future


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    This is a great one, for sure. :) Love how cute you look and Sammy just makes the picture. ;)