NO! by Ghostbear



16 June 2017 at 02:27:58 MDT


Not sure what made Sascha so upset, but ...boy...this little guy sure is grumpy.
No cookies? Early bedtime? Not allowed to play video games? Whatever it is.. it's probably something severe as that. XD
And it seems Sammy is too.
At the situation? Or at his little owner being so fussy? Maybe both... ^.^'

Adorable and fussy. pouty YHC commission made by  nathahniel . Thankiiiiiiies!
Well, little kids always have their moments where they just end up like that.
Usually without any real reason. And while usually being well behaved and easy to look after ... sometimes Sascha is being grumpy as well.


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    Bockiges Bärchi nur in Windeln. Wie niedlich :3

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      Passiert auch mal den wohlerzogendsten Kids ^.^' Manchmal knallen die einfach mal durch.. Und Sammy macht ja auch mit!