Shy little charmer by Ghostbear

Shy little charmer


22 August 2016 at 08:49:11 MDT

And here we have a shy little charmer and his best friend.
He might not be too adventurous today, more of the oposite. Not sure what made him so shy, but I think he's so adorable, half-hiding between his favorite lynx plushie.
I am pretty sure Sammy will protect him anyway.
And I think with his big, honey colored eyes ... there isn't much he could not charm his way out, should that be necessary :3
But look at those eyes again... can't you see he is totally innocent anyway? o.o

Aww... I got this adorable, heartwarming picture from  <fa:mlice< at this year's Eurofurence.
Went into the Dealers Den with the wilful intent not to buy anything spontaneously.
That actually worked pretty well. For about 10 seconds after I entered the Den. Then I saw Mlice offering some adorable and cool watercolor pictures
So I asked her, if it was okay for her to draw a young character and she said yes.
And the outcome was so cute and sweet.
Thank you so very much! I love it!

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