Blade Runner in training (pants) by Ghostbear

Blade Runner in training (pants)


7 August 2016 at 04:49:23 MDT

Or is even a some normal crinkly padding, due to his long playing time?
I don't know. But what I know is that dragonmirri dragonmirri really drew such a wonderful, themed badge for the upcoming Eurofurence this year.
As a child of the 80s I love this year's 80s motto of the convention.
And of course I just had to get a themed badge.
Aaand also of course, I had to get a badge from dragonmirri dragonmirri, who I always commission to draw a conbadge (or two ^^' ) for my, every year.
She is such a sweet person. :)

So the little bearkitty, cosplaying as Rick Deckard, the protagonist of one of my favorite movies "Blade Runner", including his signature coat, tie and of course he is wielding Deckard's distinctive modified handgun.
As a toy of course :3
And of course he would go and play without his best plushie friend Sammy ... who is posing as Deckard's mysterious partner Eduardo Gaff, including Gaff's strange taste for hats.

Thank you very much, Mirri! I'm so happy with this adorable badge and will wear it proudly at the convention :3
And I hope I can commission you again for next year's EF.