Sleepy Pile of Fluff by Ghostbear

Sleepy Pile of Fluff


7 July 2016 at 04:26:27 MDT

To quote dragonmirri dragonmirri here:

"A small gift for my buddy ghostbear ghostbear
Since my new avatar scared the little bear, I wanted to draw something to show that grumpy old Mirr would never eat him ;) "

Awwww ^_^
That is so sweet of you, Mirri. And you are right, that is not scary. Not the slightest.
Thank you very much, I really love it. It's so cute how those three fluffballs are sleeping together.
Fluffy, sweet and cuddle. And sooooo peaceful.

And all praise belongs to dragonmirri dragonmirri :3