Uuup? by Ghostbear



21 June 2016 at 15:55:46 MDT

One might think that Sascha here might already be a bit to old for Uppies. He is a big boy after all, isn't he?.
But on the other hand ... if this lil urside waddles up to you, looks at you with those big honey colored eyes and asks for Uppies ... I don't think many people could say no to this adorable little tyke.
And Sammy agrees. He is a lynx, so he is always right!

 Cianiati Cianiati drew this adorable and sweet little bear-hybrid and I think she captured the personality perfectly.
A sweet, cuddly boy, sometimes acting a bit younger than his actual age... but being cute enough to get away with it.
Thank you so very much, I love it!