Bigger on the inside? by Ghostbear

Bigger on the inside?


10 October 2015 at 09:00:34 MDT

The cookie jar, resembling a TARDIS from his favorite TV series "Doctor Who", was just sitting in front of him. Sitting there, filled to the brim with delicious chocolate chip cookies, tempting the little bearhybrid cub to just take one.
He knew he wasn't supposed to, but with his parents still away on their grocery shopping, he finally gave into temptation.
He carefully climbed on a chair and took down the TARDIS jar to the ground and opened it.
"Pssssht Sammy ... don't tell anyone, okay? I'll even get you the first cookie."
As must as his long tailed lynx plushy companion was usually the voice the reason, said voice was very quickly silenced at the prospect of getting one of the crumbly treats.
"Here you go, Sammy..enjoy it".
Handing the plushie the first cookie he dug into the jar himself. He took one, started to nibble on it, then dug into the jar a few more times, while still having the first one clenched between his teeth.
"And I think nobody will notice it." Sascha mumbled around the cookie in his muzzle. "It's bigger on the inside. They always say so in the series."

Awww, such a sweet gift I received from rainbowboa rainbowboa a couple of days ago :3
That really was a big surprise and I just love the scene of my little bear, raiding the cookie jar. A TARDIS cookie jar. I love it ^__^ And I really need to get myself one someday.
Well, he will probably get into some trouble, because unlike the TV series those are not bigger on the inside and several missing cookie will be noticed. ^.^'
Ah, but who could be mad with him?
Thank you so very much, Boa! Really love it. Thanks!


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    Haha.... It's so funny! I love how he gave one to Sammy too. :) That's adorable and a half. :)

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      Of course Sammy needs his own cookie :3 He's a dangerous predator that must be fed ^^'

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        Not to mention as your partner he's entitled to a share. :)

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          Yes. That too of course. He is entitled to a full share. Measured by size of course ^.^'