Little Doctor by Ghostbear

Little Doctor


21 October 2015 at 17:07:01 MDT

"And be careful. Stay on the sidewalk, and..."
"...don't wander off to far into the city. It's save here, but traffic further in is..."
"...dangerous. And be back at 9 sharp, okay?" Sascha's step mother just went on, ignoring her son's interjection
"Mooooooom!" Sascha whined again, while his Step mom took an eternity to get him dressed into his costume. Or at least for him it just felt that way.
Still he liked his new costume. Well not only his, but also that of his favorite lynx plushie and partner-in-crime. Both were dressed as one of the many incarnations of the Doctor, the hero of Sascha's favorite TV show 'Doctor Who'. The lil Urside posed as the 9th, with leather coat and dark pants, while Sammy was wearing the bow tie and Fez of the 11th Doctor. Both his favorite incarnations.
"And here we go. See, already done."
"Finally!" Bouncing up and down he was searching for the final items he needed for his Trick or Treat adventure... his toy sonic screwdriver and his TARDIS shaped bag. "That took aaaages. The others are already on their ways."
"Well... we had to make sure you're safely and properly dressed, right?" His mom gave Sascha a purely playful light swat on his bottom, causing nothing more than a little ploffing noise from the lil bear hybrids pull-ups under his pants.
"Off you go... have fun."
She ruffled her cub's hair, as he snatched Sammy, TARDIS bag and sonic screwdriver, then he was already out of the door, bouncing down the driveway.

Halloween, Doctor Who, sweets and dressing-up.
What better things to do for a little cub ^__^
Cute and adorable commission, drawn by the very talented and very friendly  tipard
Thank you very much! And thank you for the quick and uncomplicated adjustment.
Thankies :3


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    Adorable! You and Sammy look so cute!

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      Hehe, nobody can look bad as the Doctor ^^