Romantic Night In Patches- CLEAN VERSION by FuzzySandwich

Romantic Night In Patches- CLEAN VERSION


16 April 2017 at 09:42:21 MDT

11/24/18 EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that the Furcartzone site is no longer up, so I have updated where this file can be downloaded. Sorry for any inconvenience. -Saracakes

Download here:

These patches are free, you are welcome to edit/alter them as you wish to suit your dreams. HOWEVER, I do have a few rules. Very simple and easy to follow; you may NOT claim any of these as your original work, you may NOT reload them to a website, and you may NOT sell them. That being said credit in your dreams is appreciated but not mandatory. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. Enjoy!

Included in this patch are (in placement order) :

  • 2 types of heart pillows. 1 plain colored, 1 with a swirl design. A few color options available.

  • 1 heart shaped gift box. A few color options available.

  • 2 types of heart shaped candy boxes with options of chocolate candies or chocolate covered strawberries. A few color options available.

  • Petals, a trail of rose petals, heart shape scattered petals, 'love' scattered petals.

  • Candles, 25 solid types and 25 melted types, a few color and flame options available.

  • Heart themed dining chairs, varied directions. Two colors available.

  • 3 dining tables. 1 heart shaped, 1 oval, and 1 circular. With a few cuisine options available.

  • 1 style of heart shaped bedside dresser and 1 clothing dresser. With a few decorative options available.

  • 3 bed styles. 1 heart-shaped, 1 circular, and 1 rectangular. These come with a variety of pillow options.

  • 3 tub styles with a few 'filling' options available. Ex: Empty tub, still water, glistening water, rose petal covered water.

  • Other: 4 variations of heavy victorian-ish curtains. Two colors available. 1 tiger stripped rug, and 1 candle painting wall decor with color options available.

ALSO Thought I might add that I also left the remappable originals for more color customizing options.

Art/patches was done my me, Sierra Miller/Fuzzysandwich/Saracakes

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