Furcadia Easter Party Patches by FuzzySandwich

Furcadia Easter Party Patches


4 July 2016 at 09:57:21 MDT

11/24/18 EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that the Furcartzone site is no longer up, so I have updated where this file can be downloaded. Sorry for any inconvenience. -Saracakes

Download here: https://www.deviantart.com/fuzzysandwich/art/Easter-Party-Patches-REUPLOADED-751855757

Easter egg hunts and baskets full of candy are sure to be coming your way!

This is my very first completed patch! I noticed that Furcadia didn't have much in the way of Easter patches, so I made a little something to celebrate it this year and decided to upload the file here as well as my other accounts. This file contains all items seen in the preview image (aside from the trees/bushes/grass and the avatars) as well as many extra tid bits; a variety of baskets, chocolate bunnies, other candies and basket filler, some odds and ends, eggs and many other customable things! (More info on all these extra tid bits in the Readme file) These patches are absolutely free to download (Obviously). Credit is appreciated, but not mandatory. I have three rules: you may NOT claim any of these as your original work, you may NOT reload them to a website, and you may NOT sell them. These are free for a reason and I worked hard on them! That being said, you are welcome to edit/alter them as you wish to use in your dreams. Have fun!

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    Aahhh, Furcadia. I actually miss that place. maybe I'll pick it up again sometime