Bakery and Cafe Patch Set by FuzzySandwich

Bakery and Cafe Patch Set


20 September 2017 at 09:40:31 MDT

This is a patch set made to be used on Furcadia, absolutely free of charge.

In total, this patch set contains around 950+ bakery and cafe themed items in a set of five wood colors: Pine, Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, and Charcoal. The mixers and baker are animated, which is sadly not shown above. All the work is original and made from scratch, I have worked extremely hard on this patch. In my opinion the image above doesn't do it justice. It is a collective of over a year of off and on work. There are multiple display cases from counters, cabnets, and hutches. Kitchen appliances like mixers, fridges and ovens; interior decor like tables, chairs, floors and walls. Included are quite a few original remapables too.

These being free, you are welcome to edit/alter them as you wish to use in your dreams.
HOWEVER, I do have a few rules. Very simple and easy to follow; you may NOT claim any of
these as your original work, you may NOT reload them to a website, and you may NOT sell them.
That being said credit in your dreams is appreciated but not mandatory. Fill free to message me
with any questions or concerns. Enjoy!

Download it here:
Saracakes on Furcadia

Sierra Miller…

Included in this patch are:
-Animated mixers
-Animated baker
-Counters, display cases, cabnets, hutches, tables, chairs, racks, shelving, ovens, fridges, walls,
-Goodies: Various breads, cakes, cupcakes, pies, tarts, muffins, donuts, cookies, and lots more.

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