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Welcome to the F.A.R.M.!!!

I have been playing guitar for over 8 years. I also can play bass and drums (sorry, the recordings do not have my live drums because I don't have a set), and I am still learning. Here is were you can listen and download my brief guitar instrumentals, and covers.

My Gear:
Gibson Les Paul Custom, Fender Strat (with DiMarzio Pickups) and Fender Tele
Bogner Alchemist Combo Amp and Ampeg 110 Bass Combo

Pedal Boad (chain): Dunlop Classic Crybaby -> tc electronic Poly Tune -> Custom Audio Electronics Boost/ Line Driver (used as Buffer) -> MXR Phase 90 -> tc electronic vortex flanger -> Boss NS-2 (in the effects loop of NS-2) MXR Super Comp -> Way Huge Green Rhino -> Fultone OCD -> MXR Super Badass Distortion -> MXR Micro Amp + (out of effects loop) -> Boss DD-7 (with Tap Tempo switch going to 2 separate effects) ->(A) MXR Analog Chorus (B) MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay-> (AB outputs both into...)-> tc electronic Hall of Fame Reverb (A-> Bogner, B-> Ampeg).

Latest Journal

I'm new here

Um... hey. I'm new here, I originally came from Fur Affinity :

Now I'm here posting guitar instrumentals and Punk Rock Covers by band like Black Flag, Ramones, Big Black etc... And my next cover will be Passing Complexion by Big Black (good ol' Noise Punk).

So stick around to find out how that sounds, until then... I'll be posting more from my FA account. Hopefully someone does not tear my lungs out... 0_o too soon...

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    Thanks for favin', bro! ^^

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    woop woop thanks for the follow :)

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    Thanks for the follow x3

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      No problem! I really do enjoy your comic. <3

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    Thanks for following, I appreciate it!

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      No problem! I'm really enjoying "The Pride of Life" comic.

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    Dude, holy hell. I had to go compare your covers to the real versions, and I'm stupidly impressed. I can barely tell the difference. The fact that I as a musician of basically only 2 years got a +fav from you blows me away! You're insane, I could learn so much from you! Definitely following.

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      Holy shit! I'm glad you like my stuff. Thank you! And also no problem for the favorite, I like your guitar tone