Not Again! by foxgamer01

Not Again!


24 November 2014 at 23:38:13 MST

Made by Foxena.

Well, here we have Daren, after he has been changed into a macro foxtaur. Again. He should really double check his Diet Pepsi to make sure they're not spiked with GTP by his friends. Especially if it's in his home. >.|.>;;

I do love how shocked he is at this development. Foxena makes the best expressions. <3

Anyways, enjoy. And I do hope that the muscles here will make up for the lack of it in the last one with Daren (I'm looking at you, Benjamin_Mahir). XP

**is having fun, don't worry**

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    Well, it will do... for now. At least we can't see his ribs anymore.

    chuckles But yeah. Looking good, Daren. I will agree, Foxena's expressions are very... well... expressive. Anatomy is no less spectacular... even if I'm the kind of musclebound fan who isn't happy until you're so strong(bulky) that you start to loose mobility.

    Oh, and on your house... I know that your Crimson Flag house is more of a temporary vacation home, but that still is a bit of a small house house there. It's almost like the only reason it's not an apartment is that macro insurance requires there to be a large amount of open space on all side of the building. Then again, maybe houses that small are common where you are from. After all, I'm a Floridian; we don't have basements so even our small houses tend to be a bit wide... either that or townhouses. Gotta account for silly things like basements when looking at houses that aren't being built on sand and water.