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Fancy Fergus by foxboyprower

Fancy Fergus


This is a picture of me back in 2012. You probably didn't know me back in 2012. But I was really concerned about being cool, and I was really self absorbed. I valued being smart (I would say "intelligent" back then) much more than being kind.

I did and still do own that cane and tophat. I think I got the idea of tophats being cool from "Ozzy and Millie". I would even walk with my arms folded behind my back like Ozzy would do in the comic. And I would put a lot of thought into every message to make it sound really smart and fancy. I even avoided using contractions.

Nowadays, I try to be nice to other people. And being fancy feels pretty overrated to me now.
So there's a bit of baggage attached to that tophat for me. But someone recently told me it looked cute. And despite the large amount of dragons online these days, not many wear tophats. So I could easily be persuaded to wear it again sometime.

Created: 2012-May-15
characters: Fergus (me)
Again, this was drawn by my old friend, Ross. (Deviant Art, Patreon, YouTube)

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