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Focussing on my computer by foxboyprower

Focussing on my computer


So this picture requires more out of character description to explain it significance.
Around 2011 or 2010, I became a member of RoosterTeeth's community website, my first online community ever. And the best profile picture I could come up with was a picture of mewtwo in his training armor. 
But at some point, I wanted to be a pretend to be a dragon. I got really into it. I found this website ( about dragons to learn the "official" information about dragons. 
This website took me to a website of art made by Kevin Palavac, called "Malathar's Dragons". Sadly, that website no longer exists. But Kevin Palavac's deviant art gallery is still here.
But on his website, I found this picture of a dragon looking confused at a computer. I'm not sure if I discovered the existence of furries before or after this point. But I wanted to convey the idea that I was a dragon behind a keyboard just like this picture. So I used this picture for my profile picture for quite a while on RoosterTeeth. 
At some point I met an artist called Ross Sanger on rooster teeth that drew dragons and liked talking about them. We made a group on roosterteeth called "Draconology". And on my birthday hatchday, using the vague idea from that image by Kevin Palivec, drew that first picture of Fergus as a hatchday gift for me. 

I've known Ross and kept in contact with him longer than anyone else online. And over a decade later, he's drawing Fergus again, but in the pose of that original drawing by Kevin Palavac. And that is very special to me. 
So I can't thank Ross enough yet another wonderful gift. 

Drawn by Ross (Deviant Art, Patreon, YouTube)

characters: Fergus (me)

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