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- My Starry Destination - by Fox Amoore

- My Starry Destination -

- My Starry Destination -

Fox Amoore

Stare into a dark sky

and hold in all my oxygen

I'm finally getting by

it's a sentimental statement

pretending that we can take flight

with the pull of gravity hell bent

on keeping us alive

keeping me awake at night

I'm tired but you're on my mind

Gazing through a pane of glass

with all your colors streaming in

an incomplete kaleidoscope

but perfect all the same

in a crowded sea of burning lights

if you ever feel alone, don't forget

I'm right here with you

Oh come lead me out

of the atmosphere

and don't leave me without

a window

to see you turning still

around my world

my singular fixation

you're my starry destination

so keep a reservation for two


An original song collab featuring myself and Colson. Based on the stunning picture by Alector which can be seen *here*

Dedicated to Wanderingpariah and his character Ariyah.

- We all have our own Starry Destination. so next time you look at the stars...

Originally released Aug 2012.

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    Beautiful, profound, dreamy. This remains one of my favourites of all time. :3

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    D: this is beautiful! what a lovely voice and picture and just everything. Eventually i really just need to cave and purchase your album. ugh..i love you foxammorrreeeee

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    This is gorgeous. I love the voice and the mood, just emotion-evoking.

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    This is so beautiful! I love it! ^^