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Lovely icon done by: Twilight Goddess :] <3

You can find me @:

Or e-mail me for any art related questions at :D



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Hello again! And Commissions!

on 18 January 2016 at 13:51:11 MST

It's been (quite) awhile but I've still been drawing behind the scenes! I'll be uploading some new art I've been doing soon. :)

I've recently opened up commissions! Here's some information on that:

If you’re interested, please send inquiries to or send me an ask!

For some further details:

  • Additional characters are $10 each.
  • I will do simple backgrounds for an extra charge, contact me for more info.
  • Prices may have an extra charge for complex details.
  • Please provide ref sheets and other character details in your inquiry.
  • Personality helps capture the character! Please include an idea along with personality traits or an overall mood/setting.
  • Payment via paypal only! D:

Won’t do: Mech/vehicles, complex backgrounds, certain fetishes (ask for more info).

Will do: Fanart, furries, creatures/monsters, SPACE, NSFW, and open to trying lots! Always feel free to ask. :D

Thanks for considering me! ;^;


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