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Revolution by Fox Amoore



Fox Amoore

6 December 2012 at 13:43:07 MST

Our world is one

for us all

until the sky breaks

and the stars fall

We live within

a wonderland

of cog and steel

of grass and sand

Fria, our home land.

But times will change

darkness comes

shadows rise

we must build...

we must build.

Big project I've been working on the last few weeks, i'm so pleased that I can now present "Revolution", for Lingrimm and their world, "Fria".

Join the revolution to save this beautiful land...

Special guest vocals by Dreamsong ( )

Alector came aboard and we all did a three way collab. Check out the stunning artwork by :alector and Lingrimm HERE!

Until the sky breaks, and the stars fall, we will face revolution. - Fox Amoore, AlectorFencer, Lingrimm.

For all news & updates on my work, catch me also on Facebook.

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    Utterly splendid and inspiring music piece! I am in total awe of every single detail that this music piece contains. Especially dreamsong makes this so much more worthwhile. The lyrics is beautiful too, and the hights and depths that illustrate the story of their world, their home. It is one of your greatest. It was so much fun and a great inspiration hearing this come together. <3 Yay for continueing comments here. 8D

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    THATS STUUUNNING!!!!!!!!!!

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    It's rather... Explosive.

    Epic music is epic.

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    This song reminds me of a lot of Nightwish's more orchestral stuff, I like it. ( It also helps that the vocalist sounds pretty close to Tarja Turunen's voice. )

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    This is rather epic, in both length and quality. Most importantly, it remains dynamic and interesting throughout and fits Alector's piece oh so well.

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    Very well done on this piece bud, great work!