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[COELL] Twitch by Fortuna

[COELL] Twitch


The long extinct creators of the AnDragons made more than just their signature all-purpose dragon inspired androids.

Smaller versions were quite common, serving as far more friendly versions of today's cell phones and personal assistants. They can not only tell you how many calories are in a hot chocolate, but can make one for you and bring it. They'll even lick the cup clean afterwards. (They love chocolate and seafood.)

Their miniaturized HardLight emitters are mostly used for holographic projections, serving as displays and information systems. They can also be used for creating small serving trays or any tool you might require, as long as it's small and does not require a tensile strength of over 170,000 MPa. Not rated for work on Strong Interaction Force Materials. Their intelligence is somewhat more than a smart dog, albeit with the ability to speak and perform complex tasks. 

Argos has one that was left to him by his mentor, and while somewhat defective and probe to glitches shes still too cute and lovable for him to recycle. Shown here, Twitch is helpfully displaying, well, something important I'm sure. Or maybe Argos is just looking for a new brownie recipe. AnDragonets can not only cook, they can taste test too.

Artwork is © Fortuna 
Characters and Setting by DragonTalon 

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    Those look fascinating, love the look of her. Probably a good thing they don't exist cause I'd get a bunch of 'em.