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[COELL] Hello.exe by Fortuna

[COELL] Hello.exe


Coell and Twitch from DT's COELL sci-fi series (Chapter five)!

Twitch is a DPA (Personal Dragonet Assistant), and the two seem to get along quite well.


It's Coell and Twitch from DragonTalons adult sci-fi furry series. The two are getting to know each other as android dragons tend to do, with electronic handshaking to exchange basic data, but expressions, body language and speaking for the rest. Their designers were quite obsessed with making their creations as realistic as possible. No fake emotions or behaviors, they are all part of their design and AI, even if sometimes they wished they were more like computers. Even an AI wishes they didn't SHOW a blush when they are embarrassed. 

Coell, the larger dragoness is a domestic companion model, meant to serve any function required from maid to transportation to shopping and caring for their owners and family. Twitch is a PDA (Personal Dragonet Assistant) which is their version of a cell phone and digital assistant, capable of displaying information, fetching items and generally acting as a pet.

Sadly their creators are long gone, as are many of them, but once dug out of the rubble they all have new lives to look forward to.


Art by Fortuna

Story/Setting/Text by DragonTalon

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