Album Cover - "In Your Arms" by Forest

Album Cover - "In Your Arms"


22 April 2015 at 22:16:29 MDT

So my good friend Ceonn ( made an album, which I made the cover art for! He put his heart into it and I think its worth supporting him, so please go check it out! He wrote explanations for why he chose each song in their submission descriptions. I'll link to each below:

Cover art/Album Desc (with Download Link):


In Your Arms (Nico and Vinz)
What I Wouldn't Do/Happy (Serena Ryder/Marina and the Diamonds)
Cool Kids (Echosmith)
Immortal (Marina and the Diamonds)
Roots Before Branches (Room for Two)
I Lived (Onerepublic)

Okay, about this piece! I originally had the idea of a certain wolf's arms being around him, but after talking with Ceonn for a while, we decided that the focus should be entirely on the bunny! He basically gave me free reign on the idea and implementation; this is all based on the album's title.

I had a lot of fun playing around with the effects. I wanted it to be unclear if he was laying in water looking up at the stars, or if that was the night sky embracing him. Either way, this was a blast to work on.

Please check out his work at the links above! I'd appreciate it, and I know Ceonn would too. :)

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    This "watery embrace" is a really nice idea for a picture, well done ^.^ !!!

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      Thanks! I'm just happy it turned out as well as it did, and that Ceonn liked it!