Dominion Rising: Radar (Illustrated Story) [Tags in desc!] by Forest

Dominion Rising: Radar (Illustrated Story) [Tags in desc!]


23 November 2014 at 18:44:42 MST

Contains: Hypnotizing, mind control, loss of self and transformation! Also super heroes and villains.

And now for something completely different... XD

I've had a lot of ideas for Dominion and his world on my mind, thanks to Rufellen Rufellen and strawberrymog strawberrymog , and decided "Well, I'll never be able to do comics of everything I've got bouncing around in my head, but maybe a story of my own...?"

And then I realized writing was hard. XD I hope its an enjoyable read anyway, and that its comparable to the works of my two writer friends up there, lol.

WARNING: Please pay attention to the above tags! Its nothing terrible, mind you, and all sort of silly, but it is a bit different from what I usually do. Read at your own risk I guess?

Oh, and don't go in expecting a happy ending. Well, it is sort of happy...Everyone involved is happy by the end? XD I dunno, lol.

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    Not too shabby. Some grammar and word choice issues but for someone who doesn't consider themselves a writer it was quite well-done. And of course the content of the story was very good too. I do love it when the bad guys beat the haughty heroes ;)

    I would definitely not be opposed to reading the further adventures of Dominion~