"Initiator" (Rawr/???) by Forest

"Initiator" (Rawr/???)


1 May 2016 at 00:23:44 MDT

"...Did he just...?"

The otter girl nodded, flexing her paws in her gloves. "Yep."

"But isn't that the guy with the actual, literal jackhammer fists?"

She nodded again. "Yep."

"Enhanced strength?"


"Army of killer robots backing him up?"

"Yep yep."

"...So he has no chance of winning."

Titanium just grinned, shaking her head. "I wouldn't count him out yet, he's one tough guy." She tugged her goggles down, rudder slapping the pavement. It left cracks in its wake.

"Doesn't mean he won't need some help." She cupped her paws to her mouth, yelling. "RAWR! I told you it was MY turn to initiate the next one!" The dino would have answered, if he wasn't currently being thrown trhough a store window. Titanium winced.

"Fiiine, we'll talk later!" With a squeak and a bound, the hero leapt into the fray.

I had fun with this one. X3 I've been reading a few action manga and watching some shows, and really felt the itch to try an actual action scene of sorts! One particular pose anyway. I think I did okay, but I need more practice...In any case! Here's Rawr, in his hero incarnation, I'll post some more sketches detailing him later. He doesn't have any powers, but he IS a big, buff dino guy, so he doesn't seem to need it most of the time, lol.

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    It's fun to use those comic-styled effects. ^^

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      It is! I love drawing comics!

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        And you do a very good job at 'em, if I do say so myself!

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    Wow this looks really good, i especially like the little snippet of a story to go along with it, Well done! ^_^

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      Thanks! And yeah, sometimes the snippet of story is just as fun as drawing teh whole picture/scene. X3