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Sheep Suit Sequance - For Remick0 by Fordoxia

Sheep Suit Sequance - For Remick0


Originally posted on 8 July 2016.

Remick firmly grasped the parcel box with his paws. His face was lit up with giddy excitement as he ran inside with his prize, slamming the door behind him with reckless abandon. He wasted no time in slashing the box open, the object of his desire was so close to him now!

Digging through the packing peanuts as fast as he could, he finally reached the precious mass of black and white rubber latex within. He unfolded it and took a minute to admire the suit before him. It was shaped like a sheep, and appeared to be all in one piece; with a zipper in the back for access. The light shone down on it, making wonderful glossy patterns as it loosely hung in his paws. It's face had huge smile drawn across it, like the one he had right now. Unable to contain his excitement any longer, Remick giddily undid the zipper and began to don suit.

He slipped his paws into the hooves of the suit and pulled on the legs, which were tightly, but snugly filled by his own. He quickly followed suit with his hand-paws, noting that his pinky and middle finger, despite being in different finger holes, were part of the same finger on the suit. Finally he held the suit's head before him. It was just as snug and inviting as the rest of the suit, but Remick had to hold his ears back, as the ears of the suit were sealed. As he pulled the head to his own, he noticed the eyes, rather than being empty, were occupied by a pair of plastic lenses. He gently tapped on one of them, making his whiskers twitch a little.

Remick finally brought his paw around to grasp the zipper and zip up the suit, which was a little difficult due to the limited dexterity of the suit's hands, but he eventually managed. As soon as the zipper was all the way up he heard a metallic ringing. Soon after, the white "wool" coat began heating up and inflating, beginning to cover his arms and legs until it stopped just after his elbows and knees. Remick looked in the mirror; staring back at him the the cutest, most plump sheep ever, looking at him with a big cartoony smile. Every little movement he made caused loud squeaks and rubbing noises, filling the little mouse with delight. He let out a rubbery squeak in excitement!

Maybe he should have read the manual that came with it though...

If he did, he'd know he couldn't get out by himself.

I decided to try experimenting with shine and gloss for the first time in this piece. I don't know how good it is, but I'd hope it was a good first try.

I had lots of fun making this

Made for remick0 remick0.


Modified the story a tiny bit.

I also really like that letter "Q" I did in the last panel. Does it not look majestic? Like a work of true art?

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