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Sheep Suit by Fordoxia

Sheep Suit


Originally posted on 10 February 10 2016

It was a late Friday night, and Jason was just getting home from a long shift at work, and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. As he was fumbling to get the keys to his apartment, his foot kicked into a large box. He picked it up and noticed it was addressed to him.

That's strange... he thought to himself. I don't remember ordering anything.

He brought the box into his apartment and dropped it on the floor of his bedroom. It had no return address, so even if it was a mistake, there was no-one that he could send it back to. After a few moments, his curiosity soon got the better of him, and he cut open the box.

What he found inside was surprising.

He pulled out from the box what appeared to be some kind of rubberised sheep suit, with a different, hard materiel for the hooves. After standing in surprise for a good minute just staring at it he laid it down on his bed.

I know that I didn't order this. Jason thought to himself.

He reached down into the box to see if there was anything else. A single folded sheet of paper was in the bottom of the box. It read in neatly printed letters:


We hope you are pleased with the final product, we have ensured it was made to your exact specifications; and hope it brings you enjoyment for many years to come.

The suit is all one piece, so the entry/exit procedure is simple:

  • Remove clothing, and insert legs into suit,
  • Pull suit up, insert arms into sleeves, ensuring fingers are correctly positioned in gloves,
  • Put on head, and align with face,
  • When you pull the zipper up, t e su t w l f g

The rest of the note was a series of unreadable lines, apparently whatever had printed the note had run out of ink.

Ah, what the hell, I might as well try it out. How hard can it be? He thought to himself.

Jason locked his bedroom door, stripped down to his boxers and began to slide into the suit. The rubber in the foot hooves formed individual slots for his toes. It was tight, but comfortable. seeming to be his exact size, and glided across his skin with no resistance. He slipped his arms into those of the suit, and navigated his fingers into the gloves. Like the hooves, they too had individual wrappings for his fingers, despite only having 3 digits. He then moved onto the last part: the head.

He pulled the head up over his own and aligned his face to the suit's muzzle. The eyes had 1-way transparency, appearing as large blue eyes from the outside. He then awkwardly tried grasping the zipper, it was difficult, due to the hard fingers of his gloves having almost no friction against the tiny zipper, but eventually he managed to get it all the way up.

As soon as the zippier reached the top, Jason heard a sharp metallic ringing noise, followed by a warm sensation in all the white parts of the suit, which began to suddenly inflate! By the time he overcame the initial shock, his white sheep coat had become a tight, squishy, plump cushion. It yielded when he pressed down on it, but sprang back into shape when he stopped applying pressure.

Speaking of pressure, the coat was applying a lot of it on him, but it didn't feel uncomfortable, it felt warm, and snug. He guessed it must have been some kind of goo sandwiched between 2 layers of rubber that had been activated by him closing the zipper.

Jason was really enjoying himself, not only was he nice and snug, but he also loudly squeaked and creaked every time he moved. Eventually, however, he decided that he should get out.

He tried to pull down on the zipper, but it was stuck in place! Even when his fingers managed to get a hold on it, it refused to budge. After struggling with the zipper for about 20 minutes, he decided he would have to cut himself out, which was a shame, but necessary.

He tried to open his bedroom door, but it too wouldn't open! He had locked it! Where was the key? After a quick look around, he found the key just at the base of the door, but his clumsy, restrictive sheep hands made it difficult to grip onto it, and his attempts threw it in the wrong direction, causing it to slide under the door.

Damn it! No! How am I going to get out now!?

Eventually he just gave up and threw himself onto his bed and laid down on his back, the suit's squishy coat acting as a really comfortable cushion. He began to think to himself.

Well, my flatmate doesn't get back until Monday morning, so I have no way out until then.


I suppose; since I have no choice, I might as well try and enjoy the situation...

Jason would be spending the weekend as a sheep. Eventually his flatmate would get back and find him, but would he let him out?

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