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Pleasure To Make Your Acquaintance~ by FluffRig

Pleasure To Make Your Acquaintance~


"Greetings. I'm Dr. Connor Randolph. I have a mastery in Surgery. You can definitely trust me when I cut you open! ... I, uh, wait, that came out a bit erroneous. I sound like a creepy ax murderer... clears throat Um, let's move along, then. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a bad guy. I just hate that purple mutt. I mean, judging by my name, I LOVE dogs! I do! She just irritates me! Very much! Okay, well she's not that bad, I guess. She's pretty quiet and sophisticated, not unlike myself. But, how dare she think she's better than me! Okay, she more degrees than me... BUT I'M BETTER! I'LL SHOW HER! I'LL THEM ALL! (okay that sounded pretty villainous)" "I think you noticed I really love green. Why, you ask? Because it's the color of money!"

I've been taking interest in Connor again, I forget for what and when and why... I dunno, the idea of a dog and fox named "dog lover" hating each other seems amusing. I also love the concept of the two of them interacting in a Tom and Jerry-esque way... it gives me a nostalgic feeling... I just love the idea of two animals (predator/prey, hunter/huntee, etc.) fighting each other... We need more stuff like that now... I think I know why I watched that episode with Fluffy three times now. Not because it had a positive Doberman character, but because it had that old Warner Bros. feel with something new. And, I need more stuff like that now. ... Sorry, this is an introductory picture for Connor, not a lending library! I AM getting old, aren't I?

Okay, on a serious note. Connor works in the same hospital as Di. Let's just say he tends to mess with her to get her goat because he's jealous of her. Di gets attention she doesn't want for her job (and he doesn't realize this), while he feel underappreciated.
(When he was still a TF2 fan character, he was a Medic for a rival BLU team, who often picked on Di and her teammates, but none of the characters are a part of TF2 anymore for legal reasons, coughcough)
I always assume that Connor, like Di, tend to use large words, because they enjoy it (and in his case, because they make him sound smarter and fancier). And, using large and sophisticated words makes me sound intelligent, correct, my fur-covered companions? I'm feeling quite eloquent right now, my fellow cartoon-loving individuals.

While he keeps his calm and cool demeanor most of the time, and talk with that... mmm, smooth, suave, fancy voice, ahem, he'll yell out if something pushes his buttons enough. If he's pissed off, he'll go into a feral rage, which tends not to be taken too seriously but anyone bigger and stronger than him (like Di). Like Di, he hates when his clothes get dirty. So, if you're going to bleed or vomit, do it AWAY from him.

I, deep down, don't really think he hates her. It's just built up frustration. Di doesn't hate him, she just plays along.

I admitted to my mom twice while drawing and later coloring him, that boy, is he attractive to me. (I worded it as "I noticed while I drawing this [fox] character of mine, I'm really attracted to doctor characters who wear glasses... (was including Di and Medic from TF2 in, but shhhh...))" and she thought I said "Gothic", I'm like, no... "doctor", all low, because I'm a little embarrassed admitting that, because I've always said I hated/feared them (when it was actually nurses that caused that phobia (so, now I direct lots of hate towards them (if you're a nurse, don't hurt me, I don't mean you... oh gosh, be gentle with the shots... ;-;))). It's a good thing she's okay with me being a furry, or that would have been awkward. I can just tell her an anthropomorphic fox is attractive to me, that I drew, and I created from my own mind, and boy, if he was real... uh... um... I'd go on a totally innocent date with him. (I think she doesn't care because he's a cartoon character and it's not hurting anyone.)

Look at how pretty his eyes are! And, his lab coat! He's covered... in so much... greeeeeen... I love greeeeeen... ... Now I realize why I love this guy. (And, yeah, it looks like he's wearing fancy clothing, but, it's actually a green lab coat (oh yeah, those exist drools) and scrubs. But, it really fits, though.
The male's scrub shirts look like waistcoats, because they are. The hospital has a weird uniform thing going on. Females have the normal stuff. Di's kinda large and likes wearing men's clothes already, so she has the male uniform, of course.)

"HA! She likes me better than Stub Butt!"
Me: I never said that...