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I'm Very Disappointed In You All. by FluffRig

I'm Very Disappointed In You All.


"I know you're all ready to draw yiff of me. Don't think I don't know about it. It's obvious! I'm too handsome to resist! Err, I mean, DON'T YOU DARE!"

"I'm also annoyed because that word has a much more NAUGHTY meaning now, when it used to only mean hi or yes!"

So now we have Feral Connor!
And, you can see his paws now!
What a twist, right? You thought they were all brown, but nope!
C'mon, now when have I ever had a simple design I never added SOME kind of originality to?
Look at how pretty he is! He'd make such a nice throw ru-- sees police watching me from window ...err, I mean...
...a good pet! That's what I meant! A good pet! I wuvs him so much! snuggles him
whispering in his ear I'm going to have your pelt on my floor later. :3
continues hugging and petting him I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! <3
Connor: shaking and looking traumatized gulps
(With each of these pictures, I keep assuring people to keep their pets away from me. (Disclaimer: Rigbybestie would never actually maim or kill your pet for their beautiful, soft, pretty coats. She's not Cruella De Vil.))

(You have my permission to draw as much yiff of him as you want.)

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