I Came For The Doughnuts (2016) by FluffRig

I Came For The Doughnuts (2016)


22 March 2017 at 14:08:15 MDT

One day, I was like: "Man, I wonder what it'd be like if Di was a cop all these years instead of a doctor..."

Also, it was an easy joke since she loves chocolate frosted glazed doughnuts just like me!
laughs, then cries
To be honest, she loves chocolate period. And, sweets.
And, who do we know who loves to inhale coffee and doughnuts on the daily basis? Our friendly neighborhood coppas!
irl cops come to my house and beat me

I honestly believe Di would join the force if all the mentioned was doughnuts and the fact she can carry a gun legally.
...don't ask about the second thing.

The reason her uniform looks ugly is because this was a test drawing.
I was trying to get a design down for it.
...so, uh, my excuse is that it's a "rookie" uniform... Y-yeah... let's go with that...
The second one looks better, trust me.

In other news, I friggin' LOVE the way I colored in the doughnut in her mo-- muzzle!
Look at the widdle sprinkles! They look so cute!
Awww... now I want to be a cop... (even though I don't like them much...)
spent 5 hours yesterday coloring this and the other pic
Hush, me.

Cop AU is a go!
I wanna see Cop Di kick some booty!
And then go home to Ben, who'll humiliate her for this.
I love being a bastard. =)

(Why do I get a Officier Jenny and Judy Hopps vibe from her?)