Das Maddendoktor by FluffRig

Das Maddendoktor


27 May 2016 at 22:48:32 MDT

I made this thing like MONTHS ago and I never got around to making a background, so here's the original version. XD

So, one night, I was hankering to draw Di as a mad doctor.
Something normal.
I dunno... something about Di looking extremely insane is just... beautiful to me.

And, if you didn't notice, I tried to experiment (pun intended) with the art style here!
I really like how it turned out!
I don't do this often, as it's really stressful for me to go out of my box and tends to make me work a lot harder... and I hate doing that much work and I feel like no one's going to care...

After drawing this, I now hanker for a fursuit head with that exact expression...
I might hit Facerot/Fleecerot up one day...

And, yes... the name is based on the TF2 hat for Medic.
I love that hat. It's fricking cute.
Also, it makes sense, Di's a Medic. XD

I, uh... um...
I have no idea why Di decided to wear her Medic labcoat as a cape over her other labcoat. XD
Just because I made her character doesn't mean I know everything about her and the way she thinks... XD
I assume it's the mind rabies getting at her.

It is bad I kinda like the idea of Di as a villain-type character?
She is kind of an anti-hero... So, she's halfway there. XD

Did I forget to mention? Di needs new vict-- err, VOLUNTEERS. She always needs new volunteers! :)


(And, yes, I know that the correct word would be "Die". It would have also made a great pun. But, I named this picture after the TF2 item, just to save it in case of a sudden restart/crash. I got used to it having that name, so I couldn't just change it. It didn't seem right...)
(Also, I know real clinical insanity is no joking manner. Please don't start with me in the comments. I'm not AT ALL making fun of any real person afflicted with it. I am only talking about FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. This picture is seriously about a crazy PB&J BLU Medic Doberman character I made from my imagination. This is not the place to bring in real world topics or logic, okay?)