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ARA - Perseverance by FluffKevlar

ARA - Perseverance


August's Patreon ARA pinup, 2/3

Upping the 'destroyed' look, some seared off dermal layers while keeping her looking like ARA. Showing off some of the cybernetics while retaining the general 'character' outer aesthetic. 'General' rating cause no-bits version.

This is my favourite version, as much as I like the 'whole' one, I like the inbetween of seeing my efforts on the form underneath, and I'm pretty happy with how the skin layer looks along the edges. There's a blue, gel-like 'filler' layer attached to the underside of the skin/fur that fills most gaps and gives the appearance and feel of a more natural figure, otherwise there'd be lots of empty gaps within, and sharp, awkward angles protruding or sinking in around her body. The idea here was that no matter how she might be destroyed, she cannot feel pain, die, and will persevere. Partially because of the multiple avatars, partially because of the cloud-based AI core and shared conscious network some certain AI in my world have. She's not the only one, but she's unique in some other ways.

You can get the HD files of this image, wallpapers, WIPs and more in my August ZIP on my E-Junkie store:

or just check out my Patreon! I'd really appreciate it, and thank you guys for the support already there!

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