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ARA - Analysis by FluffKevlar

ARA - Analysis


7 September 2016 at 18:43:31 MDT

Patreon's August ARA pinup, 3/3.

Originally I did the 'complete' body, then this version, matching up the structure underneath. Inspired by a lot of things; Tokyo2022, Akira, Deus Ex and other artists, it was a huge undertaking to get this design right. You can't just... throw details or parts at the screen, they have to be thought of in a 3D space, keeping in mind function, purpose, etc, even if you can't explain all of said functions and purposes. Just making it believable took a lot of trial and error, even picking the colours for each piece was pretty time-consuming. So I labelled some stuff too, nothing super fancy, but it was fun!

You can get the HD files of this image, wallpapers, WIPs and more in my August ZIP on my E-Junkie store:

or just check out my Patreon! I'd really appreciate it, and thank you guys for the support already there!

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    I think I lost it at "Arrow-Proof Knee". This is seriously very beautiful, and by far the most fascinating of all the versions you've uploaded. Top-notch work, and amazing cybernetics.

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    arrow proof knees, lol.
    but still this is amazing, i am in awe of the amount of detail. you really hit the mark with making it believable, right down to the weaved texture on the artificial muscles. you can just picture how all the parts would move and interact...even the slightly missing bits :p

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    Only one can describe this: SCIENCE

    Glorious, beautiful Science

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    Oh man, I love feature-sheets! Great labeling work! She sure does get a lot of questions/comments concerning those 'aesthetic form-factor' components, eh? XD

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    Ara is still beautiful to me

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    Dang, so much detail jealous

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    Bit of a silly question, but how did you go about making the text and indicators? I'm assuming shapes tools and text in Photoshop along with some erasing for the faded lines?

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      Yeah some simple lines and text is all!

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    This is just amazing!

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    ...The knees. This is amazing but the kneeeeeeees.