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Pokenize Your Sona - Iron Artist Details and Submission Form

on 15 March 2014 at 20:50:15 MDT

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It seems like I'm (attempting in) bringing back the old fad, because soon I will be opening up slots for a themed Iron Artist in which I take your sona and render it as a Pokemon. Before I start with the details I would like to ask for people to not ask for a slot in this journal or via notes at this time, because I have placed a Google Form at the bottom of this journal which you can fill out. I do this so I can have proof of purchase, and it makes it easier to organize later on.

Now for how it works;

As with all (or most) Iron Artists it will be a first come first serve, numbered slot designated order. The rules of which are simple:

  1. Fill out and submit the form and
  2. Pay the respected price.

I ask, that when you pay the asked price to please do so in CAD. The reason for this is otherwise I cannot transfer the funds to my bank account later on if it is anything other than CAD. The order of the slots will be the order in which the form is submitted. So for example if you are the first person to submit the form, you get the first slot - if you are the 34th to submit the form, you get the 34th slot. Simple.

As for paying the fees, once you submit the form I will send you an invoice as soon as I see the notification email, but you don't have to pay right away if you don't want to. There are repercussions to this though; if I get down to your slot and you haven't payed yet I will skip over you, which is completely fair, but I will not forfeit your spot. The flip side to this is that if the situation does happen that I have to skip over your slot because you haven't payed yet, you can still pay afterwards. How this works is that say you are the 20th slot and haven't payed yet and I've finished slot number 19, I will start on the next slot that has payed. I will keep going and finishing up slots until you manage to pay. When this happens I will then start your slot next since originally you were the 20th in line. I will, however, not warn you if you haven't yet paid. The job of knowing when to pay if you don't right away is up to you. I will make it simple and post a journal with the slots and update it whenever I upload the finished product(s).

The Google Form

Basically everything you need to know is on the form, but I'll go over it here just to be safe.

What you'll find:

Page One: Sections to input your name, subject email, account url, and reference url. There is also a check box to confirm that you agree to the short TOS as well as an option to get an adult rated Pokesona, or general rated Pokesona, or both (meaning that if you spring for the both option you'll get two different files of the same Pokenized design, one with genitalia and one without). The "Adult" and the "Both" option is an additional $5.00 charge. Finally there is the option of what evolution chain you want to purchase. Depending on which one you select it will bring you to the next respected page. The options are: Single Evolution Chain, Dual Evolution Chain, Triple Evolution Chain, Mega Evolution Chain, and Legendary Evolution Chain. Mega Evolution Chain is a triple evolution chain with a mega evolution. Legendary Evolution Chain is a triple evolution chain with a mega evolution and a legendary evolution.

Single Evolution Chain page: Options to choose of which evolution you want (think of it like choosing between Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard), and a section to input your Pokesona name.

Dual Evolution Chain page: Options to choose which evolutions you want and sections to input your pokeson name and leveling. Leveling just tells me at what level you want your Pokesona to evolve.

Triple Evolution Chain page: Sections to input your pokeson name and leveling.

Mega Evolution Chain page: Sections to input your pokeson name and leveling.

Legendary Evolution Chain page: Sections to input your pokeson name and leveling.

The next page is completely optional, and has check boxes to choose your Pokesona's type, and a section that you can use to add any detail you want. If you want to be completely surprised just skip this page. If you have some ideas of what you want use this section to tell me, like if your Pokesona is bipedal, quadrupedal, octopedal, legless, if they have a certain feature etc. All details besides the typing will be added in the artworks description.

The last page just goes over the pricing and from there you can submit the form.

The Pricing

There are 9 different packages you can choose from, each with a specific name (to make organization easier, and to make the whole thing sound cooler). All prices are based on the time it takes to complete.

Talc Package - $25.00
~Single Evolution Chain only~
~First Evolution~

Gypsum Package - $30.00
~Single Evolution Chain only~
~Second Evolution~

Calcite Package - $35.00
~Single Evolution Chain only~
~Third Evolution~

Fluorite Package - $45.00
~Dual Evolution Chain~
~First and Second Evolution Chain~

Apatite Package - $50.00
~Dual Evolution Chain~
~First and Third Evolution Chain~

Feldspar Package - $55.00
~Dual Evolution Chain~
~Second and Third Evolution Chain~

Quartz Package - $70.00
~Triple Evolution Chain~
Example: (NSFW)

Diamond Package - $100.00
~Triple Evolution Chain~
~Plus a mega evolution~

Hyperdiamond Package - $150.00
~Triple Evolution Chain~
~Plus a mega evolution~
~Plus a legendary evolution~

More examples will be added.

The Hyperdiamond (it's a real thing, look it up) price at $150 might seem expensive to some, but don't forget that includes 5 cell shaded lineart custom designs. You would basically be getting each for $30, which is relative to 5 Gypsum Packages.

Special Offer

In order to entice excitement about this I am offering 50% off the asking price to slot numbers 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100. If you happen to be one of the lucky people to land on any of those spots whichever package you ordered pricing will be cut in half. I ask you though to not submit a form expecting to get one of those spots, because I don't want people bailing out just because they didn't get the 50% off. Buy the package you want to get and if you happen to be one of those spots consider it your lucky day.

The Submissions

When I finish the the slots I will upload the Low-Res files here at a maximum of 1280px in either dimension. I will create a Dropbox folder that will be publicly accessible via link that will contain the Hi-Res files. Whenever you see me upload a new Iron Artist Submission you can check the Dropbox for the Hi-Res file.


I will make a new journal entry showcasing the slot orders and current progression and whether payment has been made or not.

You can find the submission form for the Iron Artist by following this link:

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Basic Lineart - One Character
C$ 30.00
Basic Lineart - Two Characters
C$ 50.00
add  Cell Shade Style
from C$ 20.00
to C$ 40.00
add  Flats
C$ 10.00


Basic Sketch - One Character
C$ 15.00
Basic Sketch - Two Characters
C$ 25.00
add  Cell Shade Style
from C$ 20.00
to C$ 40.00
add  Flats
C$ 10.00


C$ 15.00
add  Cell Shade Style
C$ 10.00
add  Flats
C$ 5.00

Super Sketchy

Rough Sketch - One Character
C$ 10.00
Rough Sketch - Two Characters
C$ 18.00


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