Multiverse Invitation to the Tea Party! (Art by Sinereous) by FeyPhoenix

Multiverse Invitation to the Tea Party! (Art by Sinereous)


8 August 2015 at 19:58:36 MDT

Art by the extremely patient Sinereous Sinereous

Rêve loves to have fun. What is more fun than inviting friends from all over the multiverse together for a tea party?

Okay... there are a LOT of characters in this, many of them are mine, but I will try not to forget any of them... yeah. Here goes...

Meez (giant pink one in the background) = Teskine Teskine
Riviena (giant blue'n'black dragon in the background) = Riviena Riviena

At (and next to) the table in the center, from left to right:
Loti = Lotix Lotix
Generic zombie risen by Eris
Erisiel dan Vaal = Zivilynthewyrd
Zetsubou = FeyPhoenix FeyPhoenix
Sylphia = FeyPhoenix
Higeki = FeyPhoenix
(Under the table) Morty - FeyPhoenix
Leeloo = FeyPhoenix

Group by the boulder on the left:
Hallelujah = CrossroadsKing CrossroadsKing
Big green plant lady, Drosera = FeyPhoenix
In Drosera's lap, Ruuki = 0Ruuki0 0Ruuki0
Centaur lady, Helvetia = Riviena Riviena
Human sitting just behind her, Seba = SebaKnight1 SebaKnight1
Birdman in front of the group, Skott = Battleferrets Battleferrets
Four arms, Eventide = FeyPhoenix

Right-side group in the middleground:
Boss Bosley = FeyPhoenix
Celeste = FeyPhoenix
Aoxil = FeyPhoenix
Kayden Frei = KaydenFrei KaydenFrei
In front of them, and on the boulder:
Alexandra = TheScalyBard TheScalyBard
Obsidia = FeyPhoenix
Victoria = FeyPhoenix
The three on the boulder, I don't know their names D: = Sinereous Sinereous

In the very front:
Faerie Phoenix = FeyPhoenix
Njorunn = Njorunn Njorunn
(Just behind the white wings) Xepheriah = Xepheriah Xepheriah
Shin No Kenmeina Okami = ShinNoKenmeinaOkami ShinNoKenmeinaOkami
Maxie = NapalmFox NapalmFox
Rêve = FeyPhoenix
Vera = Vera Vera
Kalin = Lapres Lapres
Jupiter = KitteaMutt KitteaMutt
Therese Conner = JamesC JamesC
Koda = DSALSquirrel DSALSquirrel

Okay, I think that is everybody....


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    This is still so amazing and I just love it and feel so special ;u; <3

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      I was more than happy to have you be part of it! <3