Felony Doll by felonykat

Felony Doll


6 December 2014 at 21:06:47 MST

Finally completed my Felony doll. I'd add earrings to her but would require tools I do not have at the moment so for now here she is. I love Monster High and have collected several of the dolls and began working on some of my own characters.

How I made Felony:

  • Body is the grey (tho my phone camera makes it look more white...) werewolf from the Create-A-Monster set. I used an orange paint marker to color the eyes orange. The hair is a wig from another doll line Moxie Girlz which I removed the plug of to fit on the doll head. I cut two holes in through the wig and into the head for the ears. The ears were barrette like things from the CAM which I removed the barrette part and used the lil' pegs to push through the wig and into the head. The tail was a pink werecat tail I got from the CAM set that had the pink werecat. Using Apple Barrel gloss acrylic paint, I mixed grey and white to get the proper color to match the light grey of the body.

  • Clothes were obtained from various sources. The pants were made by Aerokat. The shirt was made by cutting the skirt off a dress that came in one of the CAM sets. The fishnet top was from a Lagoona doll. the gloves I made with black fabric as well as her tail wrap. The collar I used a bracelet from another doll, painted black and used padlock from a Clawdeen doll with a jump ring. The shoes are from a Stardoll fashion pack. Belt and guitar are from a Bratz fashon doll. Her arm bracelet is from another doll, forget which.

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