Gremianne Vex by felonykat

Gremianne Vex


20 November 2014 at 04:46:22 MST

Not been able to draw much but I finally have finished another custom Monster High doll. Took me a bit to get the things I needed for this Monster High doll/character. I found the Ghoulia doll itself already rerooted and repainted, done by Maurice LaCroix on ebay. (Unfortunately I have no site to link to for them or anything.) I thought about what sort of monster she could be and what types haven’t been used yet. Looking into various myths and the like, I came across the perfect creature - gremlins! Now mind you I’m not thinking of the goofy 80s movie gremlins, but more like the aviation related lore of the ones who supposedly sabotaged airplanes during the World Wars. You know, like that old Bugs Bunny cartoon of that gremlin who Bugs keeps seeing riding on the wing of the plane and all. XD.

Next was coming up with a name for her. I thought Grim Lynn would be cute but already taken by a dozen or so other MH fans. After playing a bit, I decided to name her Gremianne Vex, as gremlin was derived from the Old English word gremian airmen used to describe them.which means “to vex”.

Where Gremianne’s outfit pieces came from:

Skirt - Toralei Coffin Bean
Shirt - Toralei fashion pack
Jacket - Frankie Stein Sweet Screams jacket which I cut down short
Stockings - Made by someone on ebay (who’s name I didn’t write down X_x)
Boots - One of the Create-A-Monster sets
Scarf - Is actually from one of the Bratz doll sets
Sunglasses - Also from a Bratz doll set
Bracelet - I am unsure which MH set that came from. ^^;

Put them altogether I made a sort of aviation styled doll. She of course loves to fly, wanting to be a stunt pilot. She’s also into playing pranks. I think maybe she wanted to be a mechanic as well to fix her own plane but while she’s great at taking things apart, putting them back together? Not so much. XD She’s up front and loves to laugh so is a bit cheeky and she seeks out thrills. Also given her parents are gremlins and the mythology coming out of England, figure she could be a British transfer student to Monster High. She’s probably older than the other ghouls, 17 or 18 and is either a junior or senior.

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