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Sup? I'm Feather!
I'm an artist who's pretty much all about Yoshis and transformation.
Aaaaand that's pretty much all you've gotta know about me aside from that I love the Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario, and Mario + Rabbids games.

That's about all I know to say right now, but you can expect to find me on Twitter at:

You can also find me on Bluesky at

In fact, I recommend it. I'm much more active on social media.

I also have Google Drive folders where you can find all of my artwork, and some artwork others have made for me in organized folders.

And last, I also occasionally upload time-lapses of my iPad art to my YouTube channel.

Also, don't ask to RP, and don't ask for drawing requests.

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Latest Journal

Author Thoughts on "Fish Scales" + Bye-bye

Okay, everyone who's going to read the last chapter has read it by now, yeah? So, time to talk about Fish Scales. First off, those of you who read it know that there was a second chapter cover hidden in there for the second half of the chapter. Here's a link to it in Google Drive!
[Chapter 15 - Part 2 Cover Art]

This story was... fun, and also interesting to write. I kind of originally planned for it to just be a little side story with one arc, and then random side chapters for a sort of "What's Itsuki up to?" during the events of later stories. Obviously, it became much more than that. I kinda replanned a lot mid-story, so it was a little difficult to write at points because of me just... not being happy with certain plans and how weird they seemed. In the end, I hope I wrote a mostly cohesive story even in spite of the time skips.
And then of course, there was The Forgotten Mt. Frigid, which I just got the idea to do out of nowhere and decided I liked enough to do in-between chapters. I hope I was able to make Fish Scales still make sense without Mt. Frigid being a required read. Regardless, I have better stories (non-time-skippy stories) planned, and I've even already written the prologue for the next one as of last night. I'm really excited, especially because I'm going to try to bring more characters in for brief appearances before their big debut in the big stories!
Anyway, back to Fish Scales, I still have some stuff I want to do with the story now that it's over. I want to make a cover for the story itself, and I also have tons of extras I want to upload to the art drive some time soon. Mayyybe I could also write a short epilogue about what happened afterward, but we'll see. So, be on the lookout for those.

On another topic, as I said in a previous journal entry, I'm going to be (mostly) leaving Weasyl now. As nice as this site is, most of the time, it just feels like a ghost town. Barely anyone I know is here, and my own art kinda doesn't really go anywhere. I was just waiting to finish up Fish Scales before making my leave. I won't be logging out, though, so I can still see any interactions. Plus, I may occasionally come back here to upload a bigger art piece or let everyone know about a new story I'm working on. For now though, I'm gonna save myself the effort of trying to upload to this site also, on top of Twitter, Bluesky, and FurAffinity. Sorry for those who did like seeing my stuff here. I'm gonna dip now, you know where to find me.
Bye, and thank you to those who I did have little interactions with here!

But before I go, what did you all think of Fish Scales? Was the story good? Could it be better? Got a favorite part?

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