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Fawna Springtoe is a twenty-one year old doe. She is a fallow deer, a species with very distinctive colourings; chestnut brown and white-spotted across her back and rump and a pale tan across her chest, stomach and legs with a tiny black stripe on her tail. She also has tiny white spots along her muzzle and three under each eye. Her fingers on both hands are brown from the knuckle, while her thumbs remain tan. Her eyes, a shimmering emerald green, are one of her favourite features, along with her flowing brown hair. Despite being a doe, Fawna does have small antlers, much to her delight. For a doe to have antlers is a great privilege. Fawna predominantly stands on her two hind legs, reaching 6"3 in height. Amongst other furs, her height makes her feel quite self-conscious; she towers over females of most species (and even some males!). She is of average build, if a little skinny, with average size breasts.

Her personality would best be described as skittish. She is soft-spoken, easily-embarrassed and quick to shy away. It takes her a long time to feel comfortable around others. Despite this, she is very gentle and caring. Fawna is not yet sure of her sexuality, but considers herself bisexual for now. She has never had a proper relationship. Dresses, skirts and tank tops are Fawna's favourite clothing choices. She is always seen wearing her crescent moon necklace, her most prized possession.

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Fawna's FAQ

on 8 February 2014 at 20:32:36 MST

I get asked these questions a lot, so I thought I'd address them here in a journal! Of course, if there's something here I didn't answer or you'd like a more detailed response, feel free to message me.

Tell me about yourself?
The only information that I willingly share is that I am female, 20 years old and reside in Tasmania, Australia. You may call me Fawna.

Can I add you on Skype?
Yes! I have a specific account for my fursona, which is Fawna-Doe. Please just include your username in with your friend request.

Will you voice/video chat with me on Skype?
I will absolutely not video chat with anybody. I may voice chat with you, though.

Can I add you on Facebook?
Not my personal Facebook, no. I intend to open an account for my fursona soon, so watch this space. I will include a link here when it's made.

Why did you pick a cervid fursona?
It wasn't a deep or meaningful reason, to be honest. I just feel like I can relate to deer. They spend most of their lives eating, feeling nervous and running away from things. That's basically me.

Fun Fact: I have never seen a deer in the wild before.

Will you RP with me?
I don't often RP with anyone, let alone total strangers. If we've been talking for a while, I may ask you to RP with me.


Can I draw Fawna? Can I gift you commissioned art of Fawna?
You most certainly may! If the drawing is particularly fetishy, I only ask that you ask me first. There are some things I'm not okay with. Additionally, if you'd like to share the cost of a commission with me, I may do that as well depending on the theme/artist.

[anything to do with Australian stereotypes]
It's unlikely what you're asking me is true, though I do say 'mate' quite a bit and love bbq meat.

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    HEY THERE. You seem like a cool sort, so I thought I'd say hey (twice, apparently!)

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      cheers m8 ^_^