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Creation Redux by farorenightclaw

Creation Redux


Back in 2014, I did a commission for Ikani that told the tale of how the glowmew came to be. Once upon a time there was no Ikani, but Inaki the sugar glider. Cassio came along and decided that she should be a glowing snow leopard - a glowmew - and transferred her power core from the glider body to the leopard. Ikani's spots, white in dormancy, now glowed with life, their colors reflecting her mood, and the new mew has never looked back since!

We decided to redo that commission, as I was never happy with it and I can do so much better now. You can compare the old piece here:

I'm really happy with this one and very glad to have knocked another piece off my backlog!

Cassio belongs to CassioBunny
Inaki & Ikani belong to Ikani Ikani
Art by me!


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    Comparing this with the old one, you can see a huge improvement in your skill.
    It's a very nice piece, too. Meaningful, and pretty.

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      Thank you so much! Yeah, the big jump in skill is a big part of why I wanted to redraw it.

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    Wow, really love the story and seeing your skills improve.

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      The story is more or less based on real life! The glowmew came out of an RP Cassio and Ikani did, back in the day. And thanks!