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Creation by farorenightclaw



So, some time ago, there was this sugar glider named Inaki. Then her dear friend Cassio came along and decided that instead of a glider, she should be a snow leopard. A glowing snow leopard, aka glowmew, to be precise. Ikani (as she now goes by) has been a glowmew ever since (with the possible exception of being turned into a shark pooltoy for the summer... also by Cassio...). This is a picture Ikani commissioned to commemorate that happening! Cassio transferring Inaki's core into Ikani (who is not currently glowing as she hasn't been activated yet!).

I was honored to be commissioned for this, and it was a really fun challenge to work on.

Inaki & Ikani belong to   ikani ikani
Cassio belongs to   cassiobunny cassiobunny
Art by me!


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    Awhhhhh that's really sweet <3

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    This really made me happy to see visually.. Updating the physical form to account for growth in the heart. <3

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    I can't love this enough!

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    Dude this is really cool. What an awesome concept that was come up with by Cassio… and what a cool thing that you were able to illustrate. I swear you can illustrate anything. One day I'm going to come to you with some of the craziest of stories from my characters histories and be like omg if you can draw this I will love u long time (ok I do that anyway) or commission you either way yknow what I mean. You are so great at illustrating otherwise difficult to draw concepts.

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      Thanks so much! I'd love to illustrate stories for your characters, that'd be awesome :3

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        Oh gosh you have NO CLUE how amazing that would be…. one day I shall approach you with some ideas, and maybe we can work something out? You are so amazingly talented and I'd trust you with all my characters! throws them all at you, lovingly