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GIFT: P01D - Balcony Time by farorenightclaw

GIFT: P01D - Balcony Time


The wonderful P01D did this for me as a gift after she got back to the UK from visiting CassioBunny (and by extension myself) back in February. This is a pretty accurate depiction of the balcony/stairs outside my bedroom (including the glass jar nyghtwulf got me to use as a windproof ashtray) and as P01D and I are both smokers we spent a good deal of time out there while she was here, smoking and chatting and joking and just generally hanging out. So, she drew this to commemorate the occasion, and maybe ease some homesickness (since it has been thoroughly proven that her home is here with us, not back in the UK). As CassioBunny's partner (and now also my good friend) she is family, and I miss her a lot. I got all teary when she sent me this. Can't wait for her to visit again - or better, come home to stay.

(I am a huge dork and refused to empty that ashtray jar for quite some time after she left because I didn't want to throw out her cigarette butts because I missed her. I AM WEIRD.)

Farore belongs to me!
Poidyena and art by P01D P01D


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    That's not at all weird! I probably would have done something crafty with the ashes if it was me.

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      I dunno what crafty thing I could do with cigarette butts and clumped damp ashes x3 Also cigarette butts and ashes smell MUCH more strongly than a lit cigarette does - I don't think I'd be allowed to have it in the house, haha.

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        Acrylic suspension and glass incorporation are super invoked projects but they would solve the smell issue. Putting them in a sealed glass vial you could wear would be simper!

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    that's not weird! it's incredibly sweet! hopefully it's not too long before she's back again :> the piece is really nice (she has such a neat style i love it!) and it gives off such good vibes. i love it when you can feel a piece as much as see it :>

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      I hope it is not too long also! She definitely belongs here with family :> and yeah I love her style!