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COMMISSION: Strype - Tech Badge by farorenightclaw

COMMISSION: Strype - Tech Badge


23 May 2016 at 21:19:38 MDT

So CassioBunny bought a tech badge from Strype for me as a gift and AAAAAA. I love Strype art, I love what he does with robots, and he's a really cool guy too, so supporting him is always awesome. This is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to wear it to cons. Farore looks awesome and the tech stuff looks AMAZING. I like how the bit at the bottom looks like a stylized winking skull, and I love the colors on the circuitry in front of Farore, it looks all.. nebula-y. And of course cables and hoses and glowing lights galore, wonderful stuff. Thanks both of you!!

Farore belongs to me!
Art by Strype Strype