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Entirety Extinct Species: The Magu by FamiliarAlien

Entirety Extinct Species: The Magu


I had the sudden urge before moving on to other art to actually design the Magu mentioned in the backstory of the Saitek.

Dyerok Only provided me with the name and the suggestion to have them have multiple limbs with opposable digits... so basically free reign. Thing is I did get a cue from the collective conscious of my followers considering half of the entries of the contest and did make the species a single eyed one. Makes sense too considering Saitek only have a single eye thing on their capsule that their creators would also be a cyclops. Also much of its body shape is based on some unused ideas I had for races I never got to use because I had limited the number to so few.

Anyway Magu don't really get a sheet because basically shit all is know about them culturally, growth wise or variant wise. Also it would probably confuse people to number of races appearing in the story if these guy used the same sheet as all the other races.

What is known based on what the Saitek colonists survived told them + what they dug up on that unnamed planet centuries after the mass extinction is they were a species around the same technological level as the Ginaga (so very advanced) but were much shittier at actually conserving resources similar to another species we all know :B this led to the whole needing Saitek in the first place. Its also known they had sexual binary but likely had a very minor sexual dimophism, were not part of any class found on any other planet (so they weren't mammals or fish or anything like that), had one giant eye with 3 pupils and probably lived 110 to 140 earth years on average.

So enjoy :U

Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to Goatlactic (me)

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