Jesse burns brightly by FamiliarAlien

Jesse burns brightly


25 April 2020 at 18:52:39 MDT

Yo ho ho its new character time! Say hello to Jesse the dodo, a most particular "firebird" of sorts born with the magical ability to heat any air near their body (or in it as it turns out).

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    Pretty cool character... for one who can create heat. Inspiration from those dodos from Animal Crossing I take it?

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      Kinda. Jesse was a character I had planned for a a month or two before ACNH was even publicly announced but originally was conceived as a goose instead of a dodo. Thing is New Horizons having dodos reminded me well... dodos wouldn't actually be extinct in my own anthro world because there aren't humans in it. It took me quite a while of debating back and forth after that if I wanted to still go with the original plan or actually do this instead.

      So yeah that's a whole backstory behind that lol.

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        Ok, I see. Still a cool character either way. And I feel the same about prehistoric animals being extinct.

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        Also, sorry if I aasumed too much for thinking your character was like an AC fan character.

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          Nah its alright! He does look a bit like them so its understandable.

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    I like his bright feathers.

    I used to wear a hip pack like this one in the early to mid 90s around 4th and 5th grade.

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      Thank you! Nice I used to wear those too around that age. I think until a year or two ago my mom still wore one when she was out and about (someone gave her a purse so she uses that now).