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Entirety Alien species: the Rosaital by FamiliarAlien

Entirety Alien species: the Rosaital


Here's is the second result from the poll at Deviantart I made a bit back for something flowery. The Rosaital are the only plant aliens in the story and true to form they're rather strange. They're actually a mix of 3 types of plants with 2 making up their primary body and one just being for show.

Rosaital are minor aliens in the story, mostly being seen at UN type meetings that take place between all the planets since they're one of the oldest races and one of the first to kinda unite the 15 races found in the story.

For the record, since some people may not read in the info on the sheet itself and see some character inconsistency: all their vines are bunched of smaller vines so they actually have a bunch of vines smooched up into their spacesuits mid section with only 3 rolled up ones being used as legs and 2 being used as arms. if they take off their suit they basically look like tangela the Pokemon at first when they get themselves looking normal they end up looking like a tree as seen the variation images at the bottom.

Also another small fact: Rosaital always refer to themselves as "we" or other plural pronouns. Its a cultural thing being that they're body is a separate type of plant and they like honoring that fact.

So enjoy!

Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to GalacticGoat (me!)

8 more races to go!

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    wow, that's different. You got some good ideas.

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      I'm glad you think so! I'm not always the most creative sometimes I get a pretty good idea lol.