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My name is Excess and I am a Professional Freelance Digital Illustrator and Character Design Artist.

Excessive Expression is about bringing Ideas to Life, with a focus on quality, detail and emotion. I firmly believe that no idea is too different to be enjoyed. I strive to illustrate your ideas with the same love and passion that you hold for them, so that you can experience the satisfaction of having created something truly wonderful, without the strain of illustrating it yourself. I aim to exceed expectations in all that we create together, and connect with you on an honest and personal level to bring something truly unique to your image. The result is a vision that you can hold close to your heart, and proudly display to the world!

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Latest Journal

Good News!

Okay, I have some very good news! My mom surprised me with a 2TB hard drive yesterday, and my computer is now back up and running! Now, I'm starting from scratch here, so it'll take me at least a few days to get back to work. I have to install all my software, set up all my drivers, contact any companies I need serial codes or download links from, clear out my dropbox account and set it to auto-back-up all my work files and etc. ...but we're back in action now and that's pretty amazing!

I still don't know what data recovery on the old drive is going to cost, so I'll post another update when I know more about that. But for now, hey! Good news! It's great!

I'll be hard at work getting my computer ready, but I'll post another journal once I'm working on commissions again.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient, and I'm glad to have some good news for once!


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    You still alive? I'd like to commish ya again one day~

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      I am alive, just really not doing well. I hope to be taking very limited commissions again at some point, but it's definitely not something I can afford to do until I have my existing commissions finished, and as it stands, I'm struggling like hell to get them done. I am making some progress, it's just not as fast as I would like, and I'm kind of keeping my involvement in the whole art community to a minimum to try and keep my stress down so I can do the work I need to do. But I'm around! I'm answering any messages I get, and I'm not dead. Just... trying to cope with what is essentially the premature end of my art career.

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        I'm sorry to hear that. You're such a talented artist and it is sad to see that you're struggling this much. :( It would kill me a little inside if you ever have to give up on this; something you're so good at. Wish there was something I could do to help, but I suppose all I can do is wish you luck and tell ya to hang in there, cuz I know you're strong and you will make it through somehow~ If you ever feel like taking commissions again, please let me know cuz I'd love to see more of what you can do with my character. But until then, take it easy and do what you gotta do my friend. :3

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    You rock!!

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      Aw thank you! ;u;

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    thanks for the fav!

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    Great to see you uploading again~

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      Thank you! I'm happy to be getting back into art again after such a painfully long hiatus! :D