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A Very Good Boy by Ettie

A Very Good Boy


5 December 2020 at 17:15:49 MST

As promised, the hypno version of the upload from yesterday!

I also included the plain version of the original pic with a wider resolution to match the hypno versions, because I think it makes for a fun little alternative sequence to flip back and forth between that and the second "post-hypno" image, hehe.

[Warm Version]
[Non-Hypno Page 1]

Now, I know I know, kinda lazy. Remove detail from eyes, draw pendulum, voila! Honestly this isn't even how I prefer hypno, myself, but I wanted to do something for Hypnovember before it ended (I drew this on the 28th!) and I figured something simple and lazy was better than nothing. TwT

Also re: "how I prefer hypno," I honestly have this problem quite a lot, presently. That is, I have lots of echem stuff that I like, but I'm not quite yet capable of drawing them in the ways that I like them! This results in a lot of shortcuts and barely-kink art, but hopefully if I just keep at it, one day, yes, I'll even be able to make myself horny. Won't that be something.

Here it is on twitter if you want to share it there!

Also I have a discord server you can join if you want!