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Happy Wahoo Year~ by Ettie

Happy Wahoo Year~


1 January 2021 at 12:30:23 MST

For literally all of December, I'd been meaning to draw some Klonoas! Or at least ONE Klonoa! His anniversary is on December 11th, you see, so I really wanted to have something done in time for that, buuuut well, life had other plans, so in addition to the ongoing art block, I just didn't even have TIME!

SO, I decided instead to try to at least draw something for him before the end of the month and call it a belated gift instead! And as time (and life) kept going on, it was looking to be more and more of a challenge... I started doing some art streams in the past week or so to help motivate myself, and then before I knew it, we were at the last day of the month (and year)! It was now or never!

SO, I tried! Sadly, I have to admit it wasn't a great day for art for me after all, but ah well. Each sketch was coming out super slowly, and I couldn't get any of the poses or anatomy to not feel awkward or somehow "off." But hey, what more appropriate way to wrap up 2020 mirite?

So here's three unfinished Klonoa sketches! Maybe not my proudest works of art, and I don't think I'll ever be going back to finish them properly, but hey, figured it couldn't hurt to share. More Klonoa is always good, right?

Happy Wahoo Year, everybody~

You can see each pic individually on twitter!

And also join my discord server, because why not!

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