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He's a Good Boy by Ettie

He's a Good Boy


4 December 2020 at 17:14:04 MST

Guess who yes that's right he's back wow. Still locked in art block, but still enjoying him. I think he's cute, drawing fluff is fun, and I wanted to try drawing something with a collar! Actually one of my favorites of him so far, even if it's just a waist-up and took me a severely disproportionate amount of time to complete (did I mention art block?) YAY.

[Warm Version]

While doing another alt version for Hypnovember (which I'll post tomorrow!), I accidentally figured out a simple technique for the eyes that gives them a little more depth. I think I like it? I'll try it out more in the future and see what I think, but for now, why not!

Also, well, if you hadn't noticed it yet, surely by now you'll notice my tendency to do "normal" and "warm" versions of pics too, haha. It's not something I really set out to do intentionally nor with such frequency, just well, if those details are on separate layers to begin with, making alts is as simple as turning them on and off, right? There's just something so easy and appealing about making characters hot and sweaty to imply something sexual without any actual sexual content. And to be able to flip back and forth between the images is practically like having your very own arousal switch! "Sweat on, sweat off, sex on, sex off." IT'S GREAT. Perhaps it leaves something to the imagination? Or maybe I'm just lazy. Or maybe I just have a fetish. Anyway! I think someone once said, "Sweat is the sex fluid of 2020," (that someone was me) and if you just browse hentai twitter for 8 minutes you'll see that's pretty undeniably the case. It's been really popular! No idea why! Ain't complaining, though!

If you want a little more heat, get onto twitter.

Oh? What's that? Still not warm enough? Well how about discord then?