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Welcome to the New World Order (Deus Ex fan art) Etheras version by etheras

Welcome to the New World Order (Deus Ex fan art) Etheras version


Good evening, my subjects!

Have you missed me? I'm afraid I haven't been as active as I ought to be lately. But today a new Deus Ex game has been released (new on Steam, anyway) from one of my favorite game franchises. Deus Ex! I haven't tried it yet, but I hear its amazing. Maybe not as amazing as Human Revolution, but I have my hopes. :)

SO WHAT'S SO-SPECIAL ABOUT DEUS EX? -- In short, Human Revolution is quite possibly the smartest video game that I've ever played. Its all about the social and ethical implications of Transhumanism - a topic which is extremely important, and we're right on the verge of it becoming reality, and yet nobody is talking about it. I really didn't even consider it strongly as an issue until Deus Ex opened my eyes. Since then, I've done a lot of research, and its monstrous... yet inevitable. Its one of those technologies that human kind should never develop, but we will, and it may destroy us. So I'm curious how you guys feel about Transhumanism? Feel free to leave comments below!

And anyway - I have this slightly-recycled version of some fan art that I did of Jaspian, and today seemed to be an appropriate day to finally put it up after years and years of it just sitting on my hard drive. Really there aren't many changes... just the earrings. When you're being mocked-up as an Illuminati enforcer with red eyes and silver skin... one femboy fennec looks much like another. :P

Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to NateDay and MoodyFerret for essential crits/suggestions back in the day!

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