Hotel Amore (by Ryunwoofie) by etheras

Hotel Amore (by Ryunwoofie)


14 February 2014 at 20:22:08 MST

Happy Valentines Day, everyfur!

Just wanted to hop on here and wish everyone a happy snugs day or best wishes at finding someone to the single furs out there (who knows? Maybe tonight you'll meet that perfect-someone. But.... then again... there's only one perfect someone, and there's not enough of me to go around. But maybe a SECOND-to-perfect-someone!)

In either case, best wishes!

As for the image... there's at least one character there whom you should recognize. See him? NO not Buck. But... then again, you'll probably recognize him too from my gallery. I meant the primely-placed white fennec, of course! ^.^

Anyway; enjoy

Note: Some of the following users are probably not here on Weasyl. You'll have to look them up on FA if they're not here, by using the usernames listed below

Artwork by RyunWoofie

Characters, left to right...

Top row: sergeantbuck, paner, Etheras, x25, stephiecat
Bottom row: gabbergoat, sardanjen, psilynx, sleepingdog, ichigo

Want to see my Valentine's Day Artwork from previous years? [url=]Here's my art from last year/url!

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    Wrong Ichigo D: Also one of these fur's isn't wearing enough clothing.. might be because I'm gay as hell.. maybe : p